Track health, fitness and exercise with the IWOWNFIT P1 smartwatch

The IWOWNFIT P1 Power Sport Watch tracks physical activy, GPS and heart rate, and shows notifications from your phone

If you are on the lookout for an inexpensive smartwatch with fitness and health tracking, notifications from your phone and great battery life, the IWOWNFIT P1 could be just what you need.

IWOWNFIT lent me a P1 to test and in the week I have had it, it has been pretty good. It is more of a fitness band than a smartwatch, but it does have some useful and smart functions than make it better than a simple band. This article contains affiliate links.

How smart is the P1?

The P1 is not like an Apple Watch and it cannot run hundreds of apps, so it isn't super smart, but it is smart enough to be useful. The watch can be paired with an iPhone or Android phone running the IWOWNFIT app using Bluetooth and this enables the two to communicate.

I used the P1 with a Samsung Galaxy phone and when a notification appears on the phone, the app sends it to the watch. It vibrates to let you know there is a notification and raising your wrist automatically turns on the screen so the notification can be read.

Using the phone app, it is possible to choose which apps send notifications to the watch and phone calls, email, texts, and instant messengers are the obvious choices, but any app can be selected.

IWOWNFIT watch and activity tracker showing notifications

Only notifications are sent and not whole emails for example, but it means you can see why your phone just chimed without taking it out of your pocket. Raise your wrist and you can see what the notification was and read the subject.

The watch stores notifications and swiping right across the watch face a couple of times and tapping Messages in the menu enables you to browse all recent notifications. It is not perfect and sometimes the notification just says '2 new messages' or something similar, which isn't helpful. Mostly though, the notifications are useful and especially so if your hands are dirty and you cannot take your phone out of your pocket.

Communication is two-way and there is an interesting feature that enables the watch to trigger the phone's camera. Tapping the phone's screen to take a photograph can make it blurred due to vibration, but if you prop your phone up or use a stand of some sort, you can tap the P1's watch face to take a photo. You could be some distance from the phone, as long as it is within Bluetooth range.

Reminders and alarms can be scheduled in the app on the phone and the watch alerts you with vibrations and notifications when they are due. It can be linked to your phone's calendar to show events from there too.

Activity tracking

The IWOWNFIT P1 has many useful fitness and activity tracking functions and swiping across the face takes you to the Sports section where you can choose to track an activity like running, cycling, walking, basketball, soccer, swimming (it is waterproof), sit-ups, and others.

Tap a sport and it counts down to the start and then tracks you using GPS. This enables it to tell how far and how fast you have run, cycled, walked and so on. There is a very detailed breakdown of your performance and the data is saved so you can examine it later.

IWOWNFIT watch and activity tracker selecting a sport or activity

The P1 has a heart monitor and it can track your heart rate as you exercise. It is under the watch next to your skin and it can detect warm up, fat burning, aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It shows your heart rate on a chart, records the time spent exercising, calculates the energy burnt and more. It can provode alerts based on your heart rate and distance covered, such as when running, cycling or walking.

The watch can even monitor your heart rate for 24 hours.

Swipe down on the watch face and there are charts that show the steps taken throughout the day, the stands and calories used. This information is viewable on the phone and the apps syncs whenever it is started.

IWOWNFIT watch and activity tracker health, heart and steps views

The watch does a good job as a fitness and activity tracker. I tried to cheat with sit-ups by moving my arms, but it could tell and only counted real ones. The GPS ensures it is accurately measuring distances.

Size, weight appearance

The IWOWNFIT P1 is roughly the same size and weight as a regular watch. It isn't super light, nor is it heavy. It's comfortable to wear although perhaps a bit big for a woman with small wrists. The black plastic strap is functional and typical of fitness bands. It is fine for casual wear and for sports activity tracking.

Several watch faces are provided and you can swipe through these in the settings and choose your favorite.

Battery life

I have had the IWOWNFIT P1 a week and have not yet charged it up. It arrived full charged and a week later it is now down to 27% and could do with a top up. I reckon it might last another couple of days of light use. There is a low power battery-saver mode, but I have not needed to use it.

A week for a smartwatch battery is excellent and when you compare this to an Apple Watch's 18 hours, it might just convince you to switch.

The P1's built in GPS increases battery drain and if you do a lot of running, cycling or walking with the GPS on, the battery will not last so long. However, we are talking days, not hours as would be the case with an Apple Watch.

For charging, there is a short USB cable that can plug into a computer or power adapter and it attaches to the watch magnetically. It charged quickly.


The IWOWNFIT is an inexpensive smartwatch and fitness band and it is a fraction of the cost of an Apple Watch. It doesn't run apps, but it does show notifications from your phone. The activity tracking is good and it monitors your heart rate and tracks you with GPS. The battery life is excellent and the watch is great for fitness fanatics. It is recommended.



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